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Internet connection at Richmond Hotels

The Internet connection free of charge. There is a rental personal computer, too.

It is service intended for the customer who brought the personal computer with the rental personal computer, LAN card or the Ethernet connection port. At each hotel, the personal computer will be prepared and we prepare the rental personal computer for the customer who is not possession. However, there in the number of the rental personal computer that prepares it. Please acknowledge it beforehand. 

Free Wi-Fi 

Rental personal computer

Main body rental fee:The connection to one night stay ¥800 Internet is free.
The reservation is received. (number limitation)
ID card with the photograph is necessary. Please present it in the reception desk. 
※The number is a limitation. Please inquire of each hotel. When the power supply on security is turned off, all the preserved data is deleted. 
Application software:

  • Kingsoft Spreadsheets
  • Kingsoft Writer
  • Kingsoft Presentation

Public personal computer &printer &copier

To correspond to customer's sudden information gathering etc. , we will prepare the public personal computer in the lobby at each hotel. Please use it freely. 
The printing paper when the printer is used becomes charged.
Point to be checked

1. It is not in the one to guarantee all of customers' use.
It is not likely to be able to use it in the much more with the setting and the software of the personal computer that the hotel equipment and has it.The person is an object. the customer who brings possible LAN connection's personal computer. (We will be lending LAN cable free of charge at the hotel.Please use the one for 10BASE-T when you use LAN card. Please bring driver's copy and manual in preparation for the contingency when you use LAN card for the first time. ) It is possible to hook up to the Internet to the rental and the communication charge free of charge.

2. About security:
Please think security to be a no potato on the tip of the guest room. 
There is a limit in equipped security.  It becomes a cause of trouble, and release all the common settings etc. , please before it connects it. Please recognize that the public domain ahead from the guest room. Moreover, when using it in the hotel, it cannot assume all the responsibilities in the emergency.

The transmission rate might decrease because it is crowded very much when the customer in the pavilion is used simultaneously. 

※It cannot see the paid site.
(site using Q2 dial and international phone calls and site using other telephone)
It is not in the one to guarantee all of customers' use. Please acknowledge the thing that might not be able to be used in the much more with the setting and the software of the personal computer that has it.

3. Windows personal computer
As for the personal computer used in the corporation, an original setting (IP [gomein] etc.) might be given. Please execute the release setting etc. in own responsibility. It cannot assume all the responsibilities in the emergency.

4. Mac personal computer
The network setting might be different depending on the kind of MacOS. Please inquire from the guest room to "Support center" when it is not possible to connect it. (call charge free)

5. E-mailThe provider that joins might not be able to transmit E-mail from LAN system.

6. VPN
VPN can be used for free.
It is not likely to be able to connect it with the VPN client software.
Please inform me of information on software before the expected date of staying. I will do for taking a proper step.The UDP port liberating in equipment has the limitation.Please offer to the hotel beforehand when there is a specified liberating port. I will correspond more than "Support center" later.

The corporation to which a corporate member is registered can be setting that you can use all shops VPN beforehand like the UDP port etc.Please offer to the hotel. I will correspond more than "Support center" later.

Support center
It is a support center only for Richmondhotels. 
In Richmondhotels, "Support center" is set up so that everyone may also use the comfortable Internet. Please feel free to the personal computer to inquire of inexperienced one and the setting method, A special staff will connect directly from the telephone of the guest room of all shops, and acceptSupport time:For 24 hours
Please do a special dial from the telephone of the room in "Push".

"Special dial" is different by each hotel, and do "Dial" so as not to make a mistake after it sees "Guide of the Internet connection service" (pouches specification) set up in the room, please. Please go by the responsibility of oneself of the setting of the personal computer Even if data etc. are lost by any chance, the specification of the personal computer that "Setting" is done like the network etc. cannot assume the responsibility beforehand. I am afraid that I cannot answer the manner of operation and use etc. of the application software (spreadsheet, document production software, and others). 
The Japanese telecommunication northeast receives "Richmondhotels support center" . At the support stage, each Richmond hotel doesn't take the responsibility for the trouble and trouble because of the PC setting. at all.

There is a possibility that the influence goes out to the other when the sending and receiving of a net game and a large amount of data is used. In that case, I might temporarily limit the use of the Internet