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The Richmond Hotels take this opportunity to welcome you and to invite you to make full use of our facilities.Our accommodations and facilities are operated under rules similar to those of other hotels with international standards.The management kindly requests that hotel guests observe these rules and hopes that their stay with us will be an  enjoyable one.Provision Governing Accommodations are clarified for your convenience.Guests are graciously requested to observe the following rules.

(1) Do not use a guestroom for purpose other than lodging without permission.

(2) Do not order meals or drinks from outside the hotel,or bring in food or beverage,unless authorized.

(3) Do not use fire for heating or cooking in the hallway or guestroom.

(4) Do not smoke in bed,nonsmoking room and other places where a fire hazard may occur easily.

(5) Do not let visitors enter the guestroom and use the facilities and articles in it.

(6) Do not move furniture and equipment in the hotel and guestrooms without permission.

(7) Do not alter or rearrange the fixtures and equipment in the hotel and guestrooms without permission.

(8) Do not bring the following items in the hotel:
 a.Animals and birds.
 b.Source of offensive smells.
 c.Articles of an abnormal bulkiness or quantity.
 d.Guns and swords.
 e.Easily flammable items including gunpowder and volatile fluids such as benzine and gasoline.
 f.Other articles that may threaten the safety of other guests.

 (9) Do not annoy other guests by shouting loud,singing songs or otherwise creating noise in the hotel and guestrooms.

 (10) Do not gamble in the hotel or commit any offense against public order and standard of decency.

 (11) Do not distribute advertising matters to other guests,sell articles to them or collect contributions or signatures from them in the hotel and guest rooms unless specially authorized.

 (12) Hotel may not accommodate guests who have diseases thatmay trouble or displease other guests.

 (13) Do not leave your belongings in the lobby or hallway at any time.

 (14) When a guest uses the telephone installed in the guestroom, Hotel will charge a maintenance cost in addition to the telephone rate.

 (15) Photography in the premises of Hotel,either for commercial purpose or in case where it would cause a nuisance for other guests,is strictly prohibited.

 (16) Please use the main lobby to meet with visitors.

 (17) We shall accept the guest's request of "Not necessary to clean the room today" for two nights in a row at most.In case of not cleaning the room for two nights,we shall clean the room fot the maintenance and hygiene of the room under the Bylaw of Facility Maintenance.

 (18) No hotel facilities are available for use by any of the following organizations or individuals.
 (a) Organized crime syndicate, a member of an organized crime syndicate, organizations affiliated with crime syndicate and all concerned individuals.
 (b) All persons involved in a corporation or any groups of which business activities are under control of an organized crime syndicate or a member of an organized crime syndicate.
 (c) Antisocial organizations and an individual who is a member orrelated to antisocial organizations
 (d) When violent behaviors, assaults, threats, blackmails, threatening and unreasonable demands and similar behaviors are detected.
 (e)When the hotel finds it difficult to secure safety for a person who is in a state of nervous breakdown and drug-induced confusion and the person in question may cause other customers harm, a sense of insecurity and fear.
 (f) All persons who fail to immediately stop violation of rules of conduct upon the request of by the Hotel.

 (2) If any persons are deemed to be fallen under the foregoing from (a) to (d), the Hotel shall immediately refuse those persons from using all hotel facilities.